Product lines

HC Design

Elegant round edges, premium equipment and precision to the smallest detail. Those are the distinct features of HC Series hot tubs.

OKA Design

Clean lines, modern shapes. OKA design will catch your eye by their seamless cabinets, evoking several types of real wood.

Celtic SPAS

Celtic SPA hot tubs with standard equipment offer the best price/performance ratio. Their ergonomic design ensures that your body receives maximum comfort and an effective hydrotherapeutic massage


Professional hot tub series is intended for use in services, hotels and spas. The specifications are decided after a direct consultation with a client after will be custom-made.

Why choose our hot tub?

Hi-tech production

Thanks to the latest robotic technology we execute every detail with utmost precision.


Our physiotherapist ensures that all hot tubs are comfortable and massage effectively.

Designed by an architect

Modern shapes and eye-catching cabinets. Choose the one best suited to your taste.

Ecological products

We choose only highest quality materials, harmless to both health and the environment.